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To us being a part of the environnemental protection is aligned within our diving vision.

It is important for us to share our diving passion and explain how ocean species need to be preserved.


This is why we are part of well known ocean protection association described below.



 La voix de l'océan 

"The association carries out awareness-raising actions with the general public, lobbying actions with decision-makers and develops programs for the study and preservation of large marine animals: sharks, Manta ray, and sperm whales.

Symbols of wild life, they are the best indicators of the health of the Ocean and their preservation requires that of all the ecosystems on which they depend. "




"The Martinique Marine Turtle Network (RTMM) brings together all the actors and partners working for the study and protection of marine turtles and their habitats in Martinique.


It is made up of numerous associations, volunteers, scientists, managers of natural areas, state organizations in charge of nature protection, but also socio-professionals whose activities help to monitor, preserve and communicate on sea turtles."



We decided to request AOT (Temporary Occupation Authorization) and installed ecological moorings (screws or concrete blocks). Otherwise, at each mooring maneuver, the anchor drags, then "quips". The chain, under the effect of the swell and the wind, “rages” and sweeps the bottom over the whole area of ​​the boat’s heritage. Then, when the vessel sets sail, the anchor plows the bottom again. 

The devastation caused on any fixed form of life - animal or vegetable - is therefore significant and particularly dramatic on the seagrass beds and the many coral reefs of the island. The ravages are directly linked to the number and frequency of anchor moorings.

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Our offer? First dives, French FFESSM and international PADI training, explorations. It is important to us that each dive takes place in a good atmosphere and in complete safety. In our opinion, the best dives are made of security, fun and respect of the environment.

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