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At Boucaniers Diving, you will dive with Sylvain, Lucie and Antoine, three passionate and experienced professionals of the underwater world.

What motivates us?

Support you during your discovery of the exceptional sea life in Martinique (green turtle, angel fish, eagle ray, lobster, etc.) in perfect conditions. We want to make sure you get the best out of your dives.

What are we offering?

Diving training with friendliness, pedagogy, safety and respect of the environment. Also, thanks to our great instructor team, you will be able to pick the courses that fit you the most. Whether you are willing to dive for the first time, get trained with a PADI or FFESSM courses, we will be glad to help you to  succeed with your project. Next step? Send us your question/reservation and join us!



What I love the most: Sharing my passion of diving and nature everyday and helping you discover how beautiful seabed is

State graduate (DEJEPS E4) in 2015 and PADI Instructor in 2014. Joined the great Boucaniers Diving in 2015!



Having worked in a public aquarium, I decided to make my greatest passion my job and take you to see the underwater species of Martinique and their sometimes surprising particularities.

PADI instructor since 2018 and state graduate (DEJEPS E3) since 2021, I finally decided to put my bags in this little jewel of the Caribbean at the end of 2021.



J'ai déjà travaillé il y a une vingtaine d'années dans les Antilles en tant que moniteur de plongée. Après un long retour en métropole, je reviens m'installer en Martinique et continuer de vivre ma passion auprès de vous.

BEES1 depuis 1999, je suis heureux de retrouver les fonds marins des Antilles et de vous faire découvrir mon terrain de jeux en toute sécurité.


Want to discover a new world? Join us and dive for the first time!


Get certified supported by

one of our instructors!


Let's discover the caribbean seaworld and create

unforgettable memories

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About us

Our offer? First dives, French FFESSM and international PADI training, explorations. It is important to us that each dive takes place in a good atmosphere and in complete safety. In our opinion, the foundation principles for the the best dives are safety, fun and respect of the environment.

Opening Hours

Sunday to Friday

From 7.30am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 4.30pm

Annual leave: 08.27.2022 to 10.16.2022

Contact ​us

Phone : +596 596 63 20 64

Email :

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